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The Rap Revolution

By: Allyssa (Ally) Robinson Should the censorship of music – or any form of art for that matter – be allowed? The history of popular music has been plagued by the white-gaze – an assumption of white superiority, where art produced by a person of colour is seen as less than. Looking at the historyContinue reading “The Rap Revolution”

“The War on Rock ‘n Roll”

By: Allyssa (Ally) Robinson In the early 1950’s, rock ‘n roll emerged as a musical style that represented African-American and middle-class sounds/styles. This new music was sexual, thought-provoking, and black dominated. The goal of rock ‘n roll was to bring classist and racist ideologies within the music industry to light by making the suppressed R&BContinue reading ““The War on Rock ‘n Roll””

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